German Sketches Free Screensaver

German Sketches Free Screensaver

Screensaver showing different scenes from Germany

Germany is one of the most beautiful countries in Europe. It has many lovely historical places like castles, churches, mansions and museums and also natural beauty spots. This free screensaver allows you to tour around Germany directly from your desktop. It features many beautifully taken photos of some of the best German sights, like the Brandemburg Gate, Berlin's Alexanderplatz, Cologne's cathedral and several views of the Rhin river, as well as some countryside sceneries showing the Alps and other lovely places.
You can control many of the screensaver's features, like the video mode, the speed of the transition effects, the time you want each image to stay on screen, and the screen brightness. Also, you can choose to show or hide the clock. If you decide to show it, you can choose between a 12- and a 24-hour format.
Although it would be nice to have some music or sound effects, this lacking does not affect the overall nature of the screensaver. If you like nice photos, or are a Germany or Europe enthusiast, don't miss this free software which, additionally, does not ask you to install toolbars or to modify anything in your system.

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